Macintyre and Thomson, Supporting British manufacturing & Scottish Artisan Tartan Weavers.

Shooting Accessories:

Our bags are manufactured in Britain by skilled bag makers who have first-hand knowledge, the passion & craftsmanship needed to create these beautiful and robust bags, they truly are a work of art, specializing in all types of Shooting Bags, the finest materials are used including quality leather and hand-crafted tartan, all buckles and fittings are classically styled using excellent quality solid brass and YKK heavy duty zips and pullers.

The Tartan used on our bags is 16oz weight wool which is the choice for upholstery and bag making as it is a very durable fabric, because the very finest Tartans can only be produced on traditional shuttle looms, the Tartan designs have been carefully chosen by Macintyre and Thomson and woven for us by Artisan tartan weavers, in the worlds only dedicated Hand-crafted Tartan Mill in the Scottish Borders.

When you purchase a Macintyre & Thomson bag it will serve you well for many years,

because, ‘Quality never goes out of style’.