Cartridge Bag - Leather & Tartan Mix

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Leather and Tartan Cartridge Bag [with Leather Trim]. 

80/100 Cartridges. 

High quality leather with a suede interior, solid brass buckle fastening, fully hinged flap, adjustable shoulder strap and a wide leather under-strap, which gives the bag extra strength. The flap and rear of the bag is finished in high grade 16oz Tartan fabric made in the Scottish Borders. The bag is finished with a dark brown leather trim. 

The 16oz weight wool Hand Crafted Tartan, wraps around this beautiful, individual cartridge bag, which is trimmed with high-quality leather, with a leather interior. 

Colours include; 

Red [Reproduction]
Blue / Green [Ancient Hunting]
Golden Brown / Grey [Reproduction]
Brown / Blue [Reproduction]


Blue tartan, from an Ancient Palette beautifully compliments the dark leather. In the 1950's weavers began to create lighter toned variants once the novelty of strongly toned modern dyestuffs were starting to ebb. The lighter tones often make a Tartans sett [pattern] easier to distinguish.

Brown & Red - (muted tones), Reproduction Palette also compliments the dark leather with a gorgeous contrast. The Reproduction Palette is authentic in both colour, and design, to those Tartans worn in 1745 and before. They have a soft muted effect as in those earlier times when vegetable sources provided the dyers raw materials such as lichen, moss and alder bark. 

Unique handbags:

These bags are popular with both women & men in the field as they present a highly durable, but unique cartridge bag, when compared to others within the market. Furthermore, ladies are adopting these desirable and hard wearing bags as flexible, but beautiful handbags, where spectacles, purses and other essential items fit with ease.

MacIntyre and Thomson
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