Tartan, and Leather, Town & Country bag.

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Description: A classically styled shoulder bag combining Tartan, leather, and canvas, a great versatile, robust, and stunning bag, can be used in the field/shoot or every day/work. (large size, can carry a laptop.)

Leather body with a Tartan back, flap and tartan flaps on the two front pockets, canvas/Leather lined, trimmed in bridal leather with a cotton webbing shoulder strap and solid brass fittings, features a main compartment with internal zipped security pocket.

Colour: Purple Tartan From a modern palette with a Dark Brown Leather trim. (MacIntyre & Thomson Special Weave)

(Modern Palette: Tartans woven in modern colours are characterized by darker and more vivid shades, the advent of chemical dyes in the mid-1800s introduced the possibility of stronger and more brighter shades and were popular with the Victorians, because of their liking for strong and vibrant colours.)

Other colours available:

Blue Tartan, from an Ancient Palette with a Dark Brown Leather trim.

(Ancient Pallet: In the 1950s weavers began to create lighter toned variants once the novelty of strongly toned modern dyestuffs were stating to ebb. The lighter tones often make a Tartans sett (pattern) easier to distinguish.

Brown Tartan– (muted tones) Reproduction Palette with a Dark Brown Leather Trim.

(Reproduction Pallet: Authentic in colour and design to those Tartans worn in 1745 and before. They have a soft muted effect as in those earlier times when vegetable sources provided the dyers raw materials such as lichen, moss, and alder bark.)

MacIntyre and Thomson
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